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Why this Book?

In A Peculiar People, Joseph John Gurney writes:

“Dearly ought we to prize the many noble testimonies which have been borne by the Society of Friends, not only in the present day, but from its earliest rise, to the truth and importance of the doctrines of the New Testament. Christ has been the centre around which they have delighted to gather; and those who have quitted that centre have never failed to lose, in a spiritual sense at least, their unity with body.” (p. 3)

This passage serves as a catalyst for this project. In a movement (I choose movement over denomination for its dynamic implications) that is shrinking in North America, yet that has so much to offer the world, it is my firm belief we need to tell the stories (testimonies) of what has drawn young people to the movement. Doing so, I believe, will add to the many voices today and throughout time that have been connecting Quaker belief and practice with the real needs of this world.

Will you be faithful to tell your story?

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