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Miracle Flip

I experienced a miracle last night. You might not agree. You may say it’s just luck, or chance. But I disagree.

And it got me thinking – how many other miracles did I miss yesterday? Today?

There are many things that just seemed to happen, and I am sure there are many things that just barely didn’t happen. Do I have a heart enlarged enough to believe it is the divine working here, right now in my midst. Or did I just explain it away?

I think about the story in Mark 6:45ff. Jesus sets out on the water, and according to Mark, Jesus nearly passed by the disciples straining at the oars. It’s not hard to imagine their attention was not on the waves but on making the boat work, making sure they survived. And Jesus nearly passed by.

And here’s my point – if Jesus would have passed by unnoticed, the disciples would not have seen the miracle of Jesus walking on the water. And yet it still would have been a miracle.

I’m convinced miracles are going on all the time. They might not be like the miracles we read about in the Bible, but those miracles were examples of the power of Christ – descriptions of what he was capable of doing, not prescriptions for how Christ must work in the world today. We just miss them because we are looking to make things work.

Let’s begin the process of flipping our understanding of God’s work in the world. Let’s begin to see with eyes attentive to the divine in our midst. Let’s believe that what just happened was not a coincidence – it was a miracle.

Let’s not let Jesus pass by unnoticed.

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