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Rooted Mobility – Hold Loosely (Pt. 2)

I remember a time my sophomore year of college where I stood on a balcony 25 feet in the air, dangled my precious watch over it (this was a watch I had saved up to buy!!) and said to the person I was with, “I’ve come to a place in life where if I dropped this, I don’t think I would care what happened to it.”

At the time, it felt like a significant statement. In hindsight, it was pretty dumb.

But the concept was a new one for me – what did it mean to hold loosely to what I treasured so dearly?

I held tightly to many things during that phase of my life – my identity, my grades, my ability to play soccer, etc. My hands were metaphorically crippled and ached from being clinched so tightly around these things I had cultivated.

But one thing I did not hold tightly to was my Christian belief. Not because I was not convinced of Christ’s death and resurrection, nor of his claim on my life, but because I was raised in a church who held belief loosely.

And this is one of the things I have come to deeply value about the Quaker church – it is able to hold loosely to belief.

Why is this so, you might ask? Is it not important to fight for what you believe, to make known to the world what is right and what is wrong?

Well, I believe it is because the Quaker church has been able to understand the real work of the Holy Spirit – that is, we believe that if we are paying careful enough attention, we can sense Christ moving. And anywhere Christ might move is where we want to be. And it might be a place that is outside of our clinched fists, or our comfort zone, or that which we consider to be right.

In acts 15, James stands up and declares that the way forward for the church is to hold loosely to the tradition that had been so tightly wound around the early church’s identity. The Holy Spirit was moving in a new way, and if they were able to loosen their grip, they wold be able to move into new areas of belief, ministry of making Christ’s kingdom known in ways only possible through the work of Christ.

Holding loosely is the first part of rooted mobility. It is the process of saying, “It seems like this is what Christ wants me to be, to proclaim, to hold onto – but this is not the end of belief, the right-above-all-other-things way to live. The divine is solely capable of understanding all things, we are merely on journey of unfolding truth that is present all around us if we are just able to listen, to see, to let go.

Let’s be people who hold loosely. The church in Acts was able to – can we?

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