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Rooted Mobility – Hold Loosely (part 2.1)

In my front yard sits 4 wood boxes full of dirt. Each of them have similar dimensions, and except for about 4 months a year, look nearly identical.

But in the summer comes bursting forth from them life that is dripping with goodness.

This is my garden. And in it I grow lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, corn…

And weeds.

In fact, no matter how hard I try to eradicate them, they continue to poke their ugly heads up amidst the beauty of my carefully cultivated plants.

What’s interesting is how differently I treat what from a distance seem like similar things.

With the plants I am cultivating, I treat them gently. When I have to work on them I move slowly, I handle them gently and I do my best to not let my hands harm them in any way. Sometimes, no matter how well I care for them, they do not produce anything worth eating. But, when they have produced beautiful fruit, I grab it ever so gently and remove it from the stem, being careful not to squish in my fingers what belongs in my mouth.

And I sink my teeth into it deeply, tasting its juicy goodness.

But with the weeds I hold them tightly, gripping them with all my strength, and yank them violently from the dirt. Sometimes, no matter how strongly I pull I do not get the entire root, and it soon returns. And sometimes the weeds return, just in different places.

I also hold tightly to the general goodness of my garden. I know it gives me things that I need and will only do so if I tend it like it needs to be tended.

Certain things need to be held tightly, for sure. AJ Swaboda has written well about that.

I’m just no sure we are always holding tightly to the right things…

To what do you hold tightly? Do you need to?


  1. October 28, 2011 at 5:52 AM

    Your post reminds me of Cory Ten Booms words: The harder we hold on to something, the more it hurts when the Father pries them from our hands.” Thanks for your post. Have a Blessed Day in Jesus.

    • October 28, 2011 at 6:34 AM

      Thanks for the encouragement, Mike – and the good word. It is true – that which is clutched tightly hurts when it is removed…

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