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A Motivation that is Moving…

I’ve been thinking about motivation lately. The question I’m asking myself is, “What motivates me?”

The answer I’ve realized is a bit humbling. And here it is: My motivation has been wanting to be recognized by other people.


I’ve also realized that this motivation makes me someone whose feelings get hurt easily, who looks for value is the recognition others give me and makes me generally wanting more for myself.


And I don’t think I like this about myself.


I guess what I am hoping for is a motivation that moves beyond the lifting of my own bootstraps but falls short of just assuming that whatever is supposed to happen will happen.


This middle place is where I want to be found, it is where my truest motivation shines through all the layers of crud that I’ve buried my true self under.

In this middle place motivation is most true because it comes from catching a glimpse of who I am really created to be. Not who I think I should be, but who Christ has made me to and is making me to be.


It is a motivation for life that is not so much one of self-discovery…

Rather it is one of “Christ-in-me” discovery…


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  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:59 PM

    Wonderful. And sadly I resemble that. Yes, it comes with a lot of pain. Thank God he has already begun working me through the pain AND the embracing proper motivation. But the talk in my head still gets screwy.

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