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Break Bread in the Storm

The last few chapters in Acts read like a modern day adventure movie. Paul, in the hands of Roman centurions is found on a ship with nearly 300 others. In the midst of their voyage to Rome, a horrific storm envelops them.

In the midst of this storm they lose direction.

In the midst of this storm they lose hope


When all of their cargo had been tossed overboard, when all of their hopes had been destroyed, when all of their dreams for the future had been dashed, Paul stood up in their midst with a message.

And that message was to eat.

Luke writes it like this: “Paul took some bread and gave thanks to God in front of them all. Then he broke it and began to eat. They were all encouraged and ate some food themselves.” (Acts 27:35)

Here – in the midst of a storm, in the face of death – communion was served.

Perhaps the church, in its desire for order and predictability, has missed the true meaning of communion.

Or perhaps we are not fully honest with what communion is intended to be.

You see, when Christ offers the cup and bread to his disciples, it is as a meal served while disaster is imminent.

When Paul offers the bread to these sailors, it is as a meal while disaster is imminent.

When we take communion with each other, perhaps it should be done as a meal in the face of the disaster that life can sometimes be.

Take comfort in the storm that rages in a community of people with whom you can eat. And as you eat with them, remember who Jesus Christ was, is and promises to be.

Both in the calm and especially in the storm.

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